Pool Equipment Setup

Most pools and spas follow a similar setup. A typical pool or spa setup will look like this:

Typical pool setup 01

If installing a heater, it needs to be placed after the filter but before the chlorinator.

The parts of a pool

Post installation works

Any additional building or other works undertaken near the installed swimming pool may have unintended consequences, such as:

  • ground movement and impact on land stability
  • undue impact or influence to the structural integrity of the installed swimming pool
  • damage to the swimming pools’ recirculation system
  • damage to connected swimming pool equipment

It is worth considering the impact of the following on your newly installed swimming pool and spa:

  • any electrical and equipotential bonding requirements (earthing)
  • drainage and the impact retained water may have in the pool and spa area
  • landscaping, retaining walls and other earth works

To prevent any damage post installation, additional building or other work should only be undertaken after seeking professional advice. Contact should be made with your SPASA pool builder or pool and spa technician for further advice.

Draining your swimming pool

You should NEVER drain your swimming pool. This is because draining the water from your swimming pool:

  • can cause irreversible structural damage to your swimming pool, its interior, surrounds and associated equipment if not done correctly
  • may affect your swimming pools’ warranty
  • should only be done in very specific circumstances, such as remediation or renovation

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