Pools with benefits

One of the generally accepted benefits of pool ownership is a positive impact on health — we all know that swimming is great for cardio, builds muscle and decreases stress levels but, depending on the size and style of your swimming pool, getting your heart rate up and keeping it there may be harder than you think.

Good news... it’s easy to get more out of your pool workout with the help of some readily available aquatic fitness equipment and aids.


Aquabikes offer all the benefits of a spin class with the added resistance of water and decreased stress on joints and the lower back. They look just like a bike, minus the wheels of course, and couldn’t be simpler to use. Just plonk it in the pool and start pedalling!

Weights, bars and dumbbells

Host your very own aqua aerobics session with weights, bars and dumbbells developed especially for water-based use. A great way to build strength and target specific muscle groups, the added resistance and buoyancy will get your heart pumping in no time.


Yep, you read it right. Aquatrampolines offer a fantastic workout according to the makers. Focusing primarily on abs, thighs and glutes, they provide a deep muscle workout and help tone and strengthen. They’re highly recommended for anyone rehabilitating post-injury because of the low-impact nature of the movement. No need to worry about movement, as such cups secure the trampoline to the pool floor.

Aquatic fitness boards

Aquatic fitness boards are lightweight inflatable platforms (about 2 x 0.9 m) used to perform a range of exercises in different fitness formats. Think similar to the ‘stand-up paddle board yoga’ craze from a couple of years ago.

The makers say the boards are the perfect platform to develop core stability and improve fitness. More on the water than in the water, the boards can be tethered for safety and feature a non-slip surface.

Aquatic balance boards

Also known as wobble boards, balance boards are a great option for anyone looking to improve stability and coordination. They focus on some of the lesser used muscles and will improve flexibility and develop joint strength, particularly in the ankles, knees and hips.

Aquatic versions are similar to land-based options but made from heavy-duty plastic and include a soft bottom that won’t scratch the pool surface.

Underwater treadmills

This one does what it says on the box: it’s a treadmill and you use it underwater. A great option for small pools, where swimming or walking laps is difficult. Get all the benefits of resistance and cardio training, without leaving the pool.

Swim jets and current creators

There are an increasing number of products on the market that provide lap swimming ability even in compact pools. Swim jets create a current or jet of water and enable swimmers to ‘swim’ without actually travelling any physical distance, as the moving water essentially holds them in place.

There are plenty of aquatic fitness equipment options out there, many of which you can purchase for less than the price of a gym membership. If getting the most out of your swimming pool matters to you, start shopping!

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