Concrete Swimming Pools

This Type Of Pool Is A Popular Choice For Durability And Low Upkeep

A quality designer can create a concrete pool in any shape or size. Concrete pools make the most of your available space. This will allow the design to suit your backyard dream. Concrete pools represent approximately 40% of new pool builds. Pool experts categorise them into two types: formal/geometric shape and free-form pools. Read on to learn the basics of concrete pools, how much you can expect to pay, and where to find one.

What Are The Benefits Of A Concrete Pool?

A core benefit of concrete pools is that you can have one designed to suit your needs. Be aware that this means that they can vary in price, by a lot. 

Another benefit of concrete swimming pools is that they are low on maintenance. Concrete is a non-porous material and does not need a pool liner. This can mean significant savings over the lifetime of your pool. 

You can build a reinforced concrete swimming pool anywhere. It doesn't matter how extreme the topography of the land is. Designers engineer concrete pools with structural integrity in mind. They receive strict certifications and come with a warranty. The warranty covers both structural and non-structural work. The building legislation applicable for your location governs the terms of your warranty.

What Are The Types Of Concrete Pool Finishes?

Builders can finish a concrete pool in many ways. Interior finishes fall into two main categories. They are:

  • Rendered pebble. This is 1mm to 2mm stone pebble mixed with white or coloured cement. This style of finish has a colour range limited to 4 to 5 base colours.
  • Rendered glass bead. This is 1mm to 2mm glass beads and can start at a 10% mix all the way up to 100% glass interior. This finish has a large colour range available.

How Much Will A Concrete Pool Cost?

A concrete pool can start from as little as $30,000 and go as high as several hundred thousand dollars. This all depends on the design and other complexities, such as material, finish, and labour. As a standard practice, most pool builders will have a 'lineal metre price' to cost the project. This means that they price the pool based on the total area of the completed project.  This rate is a good gauge for clients. You can use it to make comparisons between builders on the basic pool structure.

Concrete swimming pools may cost a lot to build, but it pays off. Consider the low maintenance and long lifespan of a concrete pool. You can see how they become a wise financial choice in the long term.

Where To Buy A Concrete Pool

If you are looking for a swimming pool you can build to last, look no further than a reinforced concrete pool. With full customisation available, you are sure to find one that suits your backyard. 

Contact your local pool builder today to get started on designing your dream pool! Looking for a reputable builder? Find a member of the Swimming Pool and Spa Association of Australia and New Zealand. Check out our ‘Find a provider’ tab.

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