Pool Oxidisers

Oxidisers help keep water crystal clear

Pool water accumulates a build-up of organic waste material, introduced by swimmers and the environment. Over time this causes unpleasant odours, skin and eye irritation and cloudy water. Oxidisers, sometimes referred to as shock treatments, break down these organic wastes to make the water safer, cleaner and more comfortable to swim in. They also remove chloramines, which are the result of Free Chlorine reacting with nitrogen-based material in the water. Chloramines are often the cause of skin and eye irritation, and the resulting overbearing smell is often blamed erroneously on the chlorine itself.

The aim of regular oxidation is to keep the pool water sparkling and free of impurities. Oxidisers are an important aspect of keeping your pool and spa water correctly sanitised and are available in chlorine and non-chlorine based products.

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