How To Clean Green Pool

How to turn a swamp back into a pool

Many pool owners have problems with algae. Algae is a small plant growth which can take on many forms, but for the most part in swimming pools it is very small and resembles moss. Algae spores are either already present in the water or transported to the pool by debris that finds its way into the pool.

The following treatment programs can be performed to combat the various types of algae found in pools. Before you embark on a treatment program it is wise to rule out any other cause for the algae, such as:

  • malfunctioning salt chlorinator cell
  • poor water circulation because of an old cartridge
  • high levels of pH
  • contamination problem, high levels of debris in the pool
  • high bather load, lots of people in the pool

Finding the cause is important. If there is an underlying issue that is not corrected, the algae will come back even worse in a matter of weeks. This is especially true of black spot algae. 

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