The great outdoors

Today’s swimming pool is a vital feature in the average family home. Beyond its obvious function, the backyard pool is increasingly seen as the centrepiece of an outdoor entertaining area that offers year-round access and acts as a natural extension of the home.

Back in the day, backyard swimming pools were a luxury that were firmly out of reach for most Australian families. Those fortunate enough to own one enjoyed swimming for a few short months each year, then threw the cover on and went inside for the next nine months. Despite our reasonably temperate weather, including short ‘winters’ in most regions (not to mention a penchant for quarter-acre blocks) there was much less focus on outdoor living (at home, that is) when compared with today.

A lot has changed in a single generation. Swimming pools and spas are now more attainable, while imaginative designs and smarter construction methods have made installation possible in the smallest and trickiest of spaces.

There’s also a lot more to consider nowadays. While all you needed to worry about in the 70s was chlorine, scoops and scrubbers, today’s pool owner has a multitude of choices and options from the design stage onward... and it continues long after the pool is filled and you’ve enjoyed that first intoxicating swim.

That’s why we’ve created Pool & Spa: Enhancing Outdoor Living, to give pool and homeowners the most up-to-date information including new technologies and all the latest design trends. You’ll find a wealth of information in this and future issues of the magazine, all designed to educate and entertain. We’ll take the guesswork out of planning and point you in the right direction when it comes to the following topics.

Construction, renovation and refurbishment

SPASA members are the best in the business, so we’ll be drawing on their experience and expertise to provide the most up-to-date information on construction and refurbishment techniques. If you’re adding to your outdoor project, or considering a refurb, we will help you identify the best course of action by offering pros, cons and benefits and general things to look out for.

Garden, landscaping and lighting

Don’t know a Eucalyptus from an Echeveria? Confused by decking and fencing choices? Wondering about water features? We’ll clear things up with articles on plant choices, fencing considerations, tile and paver selection and much, much more.

Never underestimate the value of lighting. It not only provides safety after sunset, but allows you to highlight features and bring your design to life. Pathways, water features and individual garden elements can become connected parts of a coherent overall scheme — and we’ll show you how to get there.

Outdoor kitchen and cooking

Hungry for more information? Keep an eye out for future issues, where we’ll cover all things cooking. An increasingly popular choice, the outdoor kitchen extends the season and is a great way to entertain and enjoy your investment year-round. We’ll check out the latest trends including kitchens, BBQs, cabanas and more.

Furniture and furnishings

From poolside to patio and beyond, we’ll look at ways to create resort-style living at home, using choices that are both beautiful and functional and reflect your sense of style.

Technology, automation and innovation

As home automation becomes increasingly prevalent, why leave the pool behind? We’ll show you automation and entertainment options guaranteed to deliver the desired atmosphere for any poolside gathering and take the hard work out of pool maintenance.


Pool ownership comes with responsibilities and you need to take safety seriously. We’ll keep you up to date on the newest developments and requirements.

Fitness, health and wellbeing

If you’re seeking to capitalise on the health and wellbeing benefits of pool ownership, look no further. We’ll cover topics including therapeutic pools, mineral systems and the latest in fitness news.


Keen to keep your carbon footprint down? We’ll show you how to save energy, water and money with tips, tricks and Climate Care Certified products, keeping ownership costs to a minimum and doing your bit for the environment.


There’s no getting around it, pool ownership involves a little basic chemistry. It’s not as hard as it seems, and we’ll help clear things up in no time with a series of articles designed to provide clarity.


Looking after your pool is the easiest way to avoid expensive problems down the track. Pool maintenance isn’t too onerous as long as you are prepared to spend a few minutes a day, week and month carrying out some basic maintenance tasks. We’ll give you the inside scoop on how to keep things in tip-top condition.

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